Thursday, 23 January 2014

Elmwood - Studio Visit and Pitch.

As part of this brief a selection of students got chosen to take their 'brand the boring' pitch ideas and present them at the Elmwood studio in front of a couple of their designers. My idea was lucky enough to get selected along with six others. Initially I was very shocked as I hadn't expected it due to the high level of competition from others on the course, however I was also very excited.

It was arranged that we would meet as a group at the studio where we had a quick tour around the building. I was very surprised at how large it was inside as from the front it looked like quite a small space. I loved the large open spaces and how there was a variety of different spaces for people to work. On the walls and placed around were examples of previous work that was really interesting to see.

After looking around we moved to the conference room and took it in turns to present our boards and idea. I found surprisingly when it came to my turn that I wasn't as nervous as expected and I felt confident in what I was speaking about. I feel like this is because if the relaxed atmosphere and also due to the experience I have gained presenting from my time on the course. I felt that I spoke about my idea clearly and enthusiastically.

After each of us had finished there was a short discussion about our work, positives and improvements that could have been made. The feedback I received was that my overall theme was very strong and the unique quality would be very appropriate and exciting for the audience. It was also said that the supporting elements were very relevant and fit the fairground idea well. Some improvements that were suggested mostly revolved around the choice of type, as it was felt that it could have been more carefully considered.

Overall this was a hugely beneficial and exciting experience for me. Not only to be invited into an award winning international studio and to be able to see and experience where they work, but also to present my work to working professionals and get valid, helpful feedback. I found that this experience has given me confidence in that my work had be chosen for this stage and also that I can present confidently in front of new people.

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