Friday, 4 April 2014

Cath Kidston - Evaluation.

During this brief I improved my illustrational skills and creating recognisable characters. Before this I had never really hand drew initial designs and had gone straight to a digital approach. However I felt that not skipping this step was extremely valuable and gave the illustrations a more personal and quirky appearance. It was fun creating characteristics for the individuals that would make them recognisable in different settings. I also learnt how to transfer these characters into scenes that could be repeated.

I began this brief by conducting primary research into Cath Kidston, I did this by visiting the store so I could get a better idea of the products in context. The aesthetics of the brand became clear as I could clearly see the use of colour. Even things like the interior suggested the vintage theme. I also looked in detail to current prints and the visual style as well as research into my medieval theme. As illustration was something I am still developing I also looked into the work of illustrators and I feel it gave me a lot of inspiration.

A strength from this collection is the very consistent aesthetic across colour palette and illustration style oof the characters. I think it is clear that everything belongs together and I could see it all sitting successfully together within a shop environment.

I think a weakness of this project is that it doesn’t have an extremely strong visual aesthetic of Cath Kidston. I tried to replicate their iconic style but it was difficult to get the hand painted look as I don't have skills within this area. If I had more time I would have spent longer trying to find ways to product the correct aesthetic.

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