Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cath Kidston - Pattern Design.

When putting together my patten I aimed to construct it so that al the aspects fell within a square as this would make it easier when repeating it. I experimented with a few options until I found something that I felt was balanced and worked as a composition. I played with adding additional elements to represent grass/scenery etc as this is something I had noticed with the Cath Kidston designs.

I was really happy when the print was placed together and it was a lot easier than I had expected, however I four that when it was repeated the 'grass' elements made the composition to heavy and crowded and I preferred it a lot more without.

To be completely assured with my colour scheme I did a final experimentation to see what it would look like with more blue elements. However I feel this looks very overbearing and slightly sickly so I will be sticking with my original idea.

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