Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cath Kidston - Applying to Homewear.

I started by applying my design to crookery and using the characters signally. However I found that this looked to basic and dull and some of the colours I was incorporating with it weren't doing the design justice. I also found that this style of bowl didn't fit with the appearance of the print.

I then moved on to a children's plastic bowl and I felt this age range would be a much more suitable target audience than adults. Again I initially broke away from the repeated design and took the elements independently and applied them. I felt this was successful in some cases but I felt it would be better suited to supporting items. Which is why I the progressed to add the repeat to the bottom of the bowl. I also though this would be engaging for children so that as they ate the design appeared.

I then continued the same process with the other crockery items, having some with individual characters and others with repeat. I think that when I begin to create the collection this will make it easier as I will have a lot of items to work with.

Here is my completed crockery collection and I am very happy with the end result I like the variation of how the print has been applied and how the use of block colour is constant across all of the items.

To complete this home wear section I quickly put together an idea for some bedding, keeping it simple with the pattern just being applied to one pillow. I think this helps to keep it tasteful and appropriate for a bedroom environment.

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