Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cath Kidston - Kids Tech Cases Research.

To continue my research into kids products I have began looking into technology items like phone and tablet cases, as these are common items stocked within Cath Kidston stores. These items aren't necessarily specifically for children but I feel that the use of print and colour would be engaging to them.

I love the bright colours on these elephants and how a large range of simple patterns have been incorporated inside. The shapes have been repeated but not in a regulated way. I also like how a different colour way has been displayed, showing its versatility alongside the main print that has been applied also to and iPad case. The next example of the birds takes on a very similar approach and is equally as successful.

I like the bold and bright colours used within these two cases and how the different elements have been arranged. The first shows a more traditional scene with all the illustrations placed in a way that gives the impression of a landscape. Whereas in contrast the second examples takes the different elements and places them in a way to create a pattern. I feel both work well and I could experiment with both styles when designing my own cases.

These examples are very simple with a white background and focus strongly on the single portrait of the characters. They aren't the most innovative but they would still attract a child if they were familiar with the character.

I found these two interactive examples that I feel would really appeal to a child. In the first example I like the texture and how the grooves allow the user to interact with it, the rubbery material would also provide a lot of protection. The second case is fun due to how it fits together and the transparent materials would be engaging due to how the colours merge together.

Finally there is this case that is definitely very child friendly, and focuses on visual aesthetic much more than usability.

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