Tuesday, 13 May 2014

L.C Branding - Spray Painting Business Cards.

Today we began spray painting the business cards as we had received the professional prints through from moo. We were really happy with the quality and were excited to add the colour to inject some personality into the design.

We started by testing the colours onto a scrap piece of paper and the vibrancy was great. We also did this to get the hang of the spraying technique as we didn't want it to be patchy or overly heavy.

Once this had been practiced we then moved onto the cards themselves. Initially we used to bulldog clips to secure the pile together this seemed to be ok but led to complications later on. The spraying was quick and easy as the paint dried quite fast.

After letting the cards dry we opened them up, we were initially quite disappointed as the first batch came out not as successfully as we would have liked. The pressure from the bull dog clips wasn't strong enough and the colour had bled onto to inside surface.

After this mishap we tried a new technique of putting the clean pile in-between some old cards and placed down on a flat surface and having a very heavy brick on top. We also sprayed the paint with lighter layers, letting it dry slightly in between each go. This worked out so much better and there was no excess on the inside of the card.

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