Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Personal Branding - Evaluation.

I feel like my new branding has improved a great deal from my previous designs and it is more appropriate for my current practice. I began the process by reviewing what I had previously done. I analysed what I did and didn’t like and made a list of the things I could do to improve it. For example adapt the colour scheme, experiment with processes, look at alternative layouts for my business card and cv and create a larger range of products including postcards and a live website. I felt like doing these things has led to a more professional end outcome.

For research I looked at examples of other peoples personal branding, from these pieces I like the bold use of colour and lettering. I also looked at the type of products that were involved in these collections, from business cards to cv’s, websites and extra material. I also wanted my cv to be more creative and exciting to look at but I was unsure how to do this and still achieve a professional finish. From my research I saw that adding colour was quite a frequent technique that added a simple point of interest. Info graphics were also popular and I liked the more subtle versions. Due to wanting to have triplex cards I researched into the process and ways that I could craft it myself.

I feel a strength from this project is how consistent the end products are. This is due to the constant colour scheme and the continued use of the vinyl stickers. I also think because of the vinyl and the triplex layers the collection has become more memorable.

Something I could have done to improve the finish further would have been to get everything printed professionally, therefore having a spot varnish rather than the sticker. However I feel what I have done is suitable for what I need it for at the moment.

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