Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cath Kidston - Kids Clothes Research.

As a final point of research I have gathered imagery of kids clothes and how prints can be applied to them.

With these first pieces it shows how an individual character can be applied to the unusual composition of wearable items. The first demonstrates how a secondary print can also be applied and the next looks at a more unusual layout with the design going around the back.

Here are some examples of nightwear and I like how both examples incorporate a main image and then on the other piece of clotting a repeat design. This is also shown on the swimwear items and it seems common that the repeat patterns are more commonly places on the bottom halves.

These vests demonstrate how a consistent design can be applied to a range of items that contain differences but still work well together. By repeating certain aspects and having a continuous colour scheme.

I really love these legging designs and I think the bold patterns look really fun and engaging. I also like how they have been paired with a block colour as it really enhances the design.

Socks is something I had never really considered before, but I feel these designs are really cute and look great on a small scale. There is also a lot of variety between them all, showing that they are more versatile than I originally thought.

These two vests demonstrate the two approaches I could take from either having a single character design or a repeat option.

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