Friday, 16 May 2014

Yearbook - Changing Typeface.

Nearing the end of this brief it was suggested that we should look at changing our typeface for the titles and quotes as because it was in capitals it could perceived as shouting and intimidating to read. Initially we didn't want to change it as we felt it was successful as it is and Duncan was happy with it. However we did some experiments just to be sure. The first step was to simply change the letters from caps to lower case, although we didn't like this aesthetic and thought it had a dated, traditional look that didn't fit with the rest of the publication. Because of this we moved on to looking at a total alternative for the font. Beth suggested Mission Gothic and we were really happy with how this looked. I personally feel it is a lot more successful than the original as it had a much more contemporary style, that is consistent with the rest of the publication.

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