Monday, 19 May 2014

L.C Branding - Evaluation.

During this brief I improved my branding skills as I had to find an aesthetic that suited Lauren’s personality and design style. I haven’t had a huge amount of experience of creating logo but I knew the style I wanted to achieve. I wanted it to be type based with a simple, contemporary look that wasn’t fussy and overbearing so that the designs could speak for themselves. Because the logo was so stripped back I incorporated bold, block colour to break up the white but still be not distracting. I feel like by completing this I have really began to understand clearly the aesthetic that I like.

My research began by finding out more about Lauren and her work, to do this I visited her space in the studio to gain inspiration from her colour palettes, research and designs. This was really helpful to me because I feel I went away with a much clearer understanding of where I was headed. My research then followed on to more general textile designers and their branding, I found a common aesthetic choice was hand rendered type that was often coloured. After seeing these it cemented that it was not the route I wanted to go down as I felt it looked to traditional and fussy. To incorporate colour I thought it would be exciting to paint the edges of the business cards so that they created impact when stacked together, I looked into cards that used this process and guides to how to complete this myself. I’m glad I did this as I feel it is a strong aspect of the branding.

A strength is the level of consistency across the products and with Lauren’s own work. I feel they work seamlessly together which I’m really happy with as that was the aim from the start of the brief.

I think a weakness is that I could have covered a larger range of products like a web presence or more stationary material. I think these things could have elevated the project a little further.

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