Wednesday, 21 May 2014

D.C Book - Evaluation.

I think from putting together this publication it has become even clearer to me the type of design I like and can see myself trying to get into in the future. It is very reassuring to clarify with myself the area I want to focus on and improve. When gathering the research I found myself reconnecting with studios I hadn't looked at in a while and also discovering new designers that I previously hadn’t heard of. I feel that this book will still be very useful to me in the future for referring back to and getting inspiration.

Before I started this brief I was unsure as to how I would approach it so I made spider diagrams that noted down my interests and themes within them I feel this was very beneficial in structuring the publication.

I feel a strength of this brief is that it is so relevant to my current practice and what I aspire to. The chapters some up exactly the sectors of graphic design that I am interested in and want to focus on in the future. I have found the examples of work I have included I have written about in a way that sums up why they are important to me and why I aspire to about them.

An aspect that could have added more depth to the publication would have been to gain some primary material, like interviews with some of the studios that were included. I think this could have added another level to the content.

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