Sunday, 4 May 2014

L.C Branding - Logo Designs.

For the start of Lauren's branding I began with the logo, we decided that to rather than to create an image it would be best to use her full name. I initially looked at experimenting with serif typefaces but found that it didn't fit with the style of Lauren's prints as they have a very modern and clean aesthetic.

Because of this I moved to a sans serif style and I think that already the design looks more appropriate. I experimented with incorporating initials but I feel that this makes the design less personal and that wouldn't be good if it transferred onto Lauren.

When researching design styles it was brought up that Lauren liked examples that incorporated some kind of 'slash' so I looked at how this could be used within her logo. In the first to examples I feel the directions the lines go in close of the composition and make it look quite bulky, which is why I moved on to have it extend beyond the type which I think looks more successful. Colour was also played with but I believe it makes the design more gimmicky and less classic.

 Because I felt the slash greatly improved the sans serif designs I felt I should do one final experiment with serif. Even though I think it has improved it still isn't suitable for Lauren's style. However one thing I took on this was the increased letter spacing as I think it opes up the composition and increases readability.

Because of this I then transferred the increased spacing to the sans serif typeface and I think it has improved the design. To develop the 'slash' idea I changed the aesthetic slightly so that the angle of the line was consistent with the 'a'. I also looked at using a straight line that I think could look good against the straight edge of a business card.

Here are some further developments, although I don't feel that they are as successful as the previous two designs. First of all I looked at how all the 'n's' could be linked together due to how close they are on the composition, however I feel the joining technique doesn't work. Similar to lines on the 'a' I then transferred the idea to be applied again to the 'n's' but it makes the composition an odd shape. I finally tried to simpler ideas incorporating the 'slash' and even though I like them, they aren't as engaging as they could be.

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