Sunday, 4 May 2014

L.C Branding - Business Card Designs.

When I started on designing the business cards we still hadn't decided on what logo we thought was the strongest so I continued the design process experimenting with both. I initially applied both logos to the composition and looked at what difference changing the stroke width of the slash would make. I found that I preferred it thinner on the diagonal and thicker on the vertical.

When I moved onto the back the first layouts I did I felt they were quite basic and didn't push the layout of the initial logos and there were a lot of ways they could be developed. I started looking at incorporating the thicker lines and slashes but there were many ways it could be improved.

After this I moved onto trying to make the back of the card an extension of the logo on the front. I feel this looks a lot more engaging and interesting to view. There were a few variations from having the text on either side and keeping it even more consistent by aligning everything to the right. I also experimented with type styles for the contact information and felt the most legible was the thicker option.

I finally continued this approach with the diagonal layout and this also produced an exciting composition. I found that the thicker stroke width looked the most successful.

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