Monday, 3 March 2014

Champneys - Sub Brand Research.

As suggested in the previous crit I have decided to research further into other sub brands that are around. I found it hard to find this happening within the sector we're looking at so I came across brands from other areas. It has been interesting to see how this has been approached and what links have been created to still keep the association with the main aspect. After looking at these examples it became clear to me that sub brands don't have to be an almost exact reflection of the original and can even be almost totally different and still be successful.

"A true sub brand is a name which a company attaches to part of its product range or services and which it believes deserves special promotional support. Sometimes such sub brands are used in isolation from the main brand but it is far more common to link both names - as in Ace Courier Gold. The sub brand is in this way endorsed by the main brand and hopefully some key values are transferred. However, as we shall discuss shortly, whilst the sub brand may be strengthened in this way, the main brand may be weakened; if nothing else, the identity is likely to be less distinct."


Asda is a good example as it covers a variety of price ranges and age demographics. The branding for each sub section varies quite greatly, and the only link between them is that the Asda logo is incorporated, I had expected maybe a similarity in colour usage or type but this hasn't been the case. When looking at the examples in a group like this it is even easier to see the techniques that have been used to attract certain individuals. For example the products for children use more fun typography and also use some character illustrations. In addition the contrast between extra special and smart price is obvious from the script type face and luxurious purple to basic photographic imagery and simple layouts.

Channel 4

Channel 4 was interesting to look at as the logo branding was very individual for each sub channel and really gave an impression of its personality. The visual style of each logo is totally different but they link together by the fact that they all form the number 4 in one way or another. As well as the logo I also looked at the channel indents to see how the branding was applied to additional items and although each style was very individual they were all moving image that had a strong corresponding link with their logo. Finally I investigated how each separate website was branded as this is something we need to consider for our own project. I found that apart from the main channel all of the others had a very similar layout that had the specific style applied to it.


Another company I looked at was Virgin and I found that this was the most cohesive out of the selection as there was variety but the main logo was present in all. Another aspect that is repeated in the bold red colour as this is a strong part of the brand identity. The style of the adverts is quite different but as said before the continual use of the main logo links them together and makes it recognisable.

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