Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cosmetics - Supporting Items Primary Resaerch.

Recently whilst shopping in Topshop I came across these small cards that were placed around the store that I felt was great promotion for the makeup collection. The front side of the handouts show an aspirational image of a good looking young women that the target audience would aim to be like. The text adds to the hook by saying 'Get the look', insinuating that the consumer can infact achieve this image. Once turned over there is a cool illustration and a step by step guide on how to recreate the front image that obviously features only products from the store. I feel this is clever as it guides the shopper to buying a whole range of items rather than just one or two. People that may not be as comfortable with make up would also feel like these were the items they would need to buy. This is something I would definitely consider for my own promotional material.

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