Saturday, 1 March 2014

Champneys - Marbling Mock Ups.

After editing our marbling samples we thought that it would be beneficial to see how they would look in context, so we quickly mocked up some box nets to view how the patterns would look. Although we liked all of these designs we found that when our top favourites were applied they weren't as successful as first suspected. For example with the blue and orange sample the shapes that we previously liked because they were so detailed ended up looking cramped and bitty, we also felt the colours looked too masculine compared to the others. In addition the pink sample ended up looking heavy because there wasn't any introduction of other colours.

We found then that we really loved the purple and turquoise sample so developed the mock-up to a larger scale and introduced another pattern that was similar but with a different colour scheme. We liked these prints because of the white spaces and the contrast that it gave to the prints and how it broke up the more condensed areas. Even though we like the green example we felt that the colours from the other were slightly more appropriate for our target audience.

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