Saturday, 29 March 2014

Yearbook - Work Photography Session.

Some of the students needs their work photographed because it was either 3d or used processes that wouldn't be visible with a scan. We wanted to have them photographs with our own input so we could ensure they all had a consistent look. We initially organised for the photographer we used previously to help us as we have limited knowledge of photography in a studio set up, however unfortunately they pulled out last minute and it was too late to find an alternative. This meant we had to do it ourselves, which wasn't ideal but there was no other option.

We arranged for a time slot that all the students would come and drop off their work, we thought this would be more effective than them coming at different times of the day. I was in charge of collecting the work and labelling it so we knew who was who. I used a spare table in the studio to lay it all out. It was then transferred to the photography area.

It took us a while to set up the lights and camera but once that was sorted everything flowed quite smoothly. When taking the images the first shot always had their name on it so we could keep track. Once we had finished we transported all the work back to their studio.

Even though this experience was initially quite stressful we were really pleased with the end results and I think it looks professional.

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