Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Champneys - Vacuum Forming.

For our sample box packaging we want to create a plastic mould that our glass bottles could slot into. We took this idea to the workshop and were told to create a simple plan that illustrated the dimensions of everything. We were really happy with the wooden mould that was created and the structure was exactly as we had imagined.

The next step was to go to Vernon St to get the plastic vacuum formed as they had the clear material that we wanted. It was really interesting to see the process and the fast speeds that it could do it. Once this process was finished we had some slight difficulty removing the wood block as it was a very tight fit.

Once this stage was completed we then trimmed off the excess plastic and also cut off some of the height as it was quite tall and also some of the bottom corners of plastic had begun to crack from trying to remove it from the wood. We are really happy with the end results and proud that we tried this new process that was initially quite daunting.

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