Monday, 3 March 2014

Champneys - Web Experimentation.

As the web aspect will be a big part of this project we have started looking into possible ways we can apply our branding to it. We decided that we wanted to keep a similar aesthetic to the current website as the sub brand needs to be consistent. As a quick way to see how it could look we screen shot the current site and applied our ideas on top.

We started by seeing how our print could be incorporated by including a simple strip of it although we found the logo was now hard to read, which is why we introduced the simple circle shape similar to the lid design to make it clearer to read.

However we found that the circle didn't give the aesthetics we were looking for so we looked at lowering the opacity of the print and applying the type on top and then changing it up with white type. However we found legibility still wasn't great and the strip of pattern was very bulky to look at.

This is when we decided to limit the amount of pattern that we used to give a cleaner aesthetic. From the previous experiment we decided that the lower opacity looked effective and made the content easier to view so we continued with this approach. These examples demonstrate similar strips of the print that we feel works a lot better. Our favourite is the strips down the side as it frames the composition and has a contemporary look.

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