Friday, 28 February 2014

Champneys - Marbling Sample Manipulation.

Once the prints had dried we scanned them in to prepare to manipulate them, as even though we liked them we felt that they could be enhanced to make them even more successful and visually appealing. Here are some examples of the processes some of the prints went through to get to the desired end result.

With this example we loved the shapes that had been created but felt that the colours were slightly dull. By changing the hue, upping the saturation and contrast we made something that was a lot more exciting as the colour is much more vibrant and the shapes and design is now a lot clearer.

This sample changed a great deal as the colour was altered dramatically, we felt the orange wasn't as suitable for our target audience and the brand we are trying to create. In addition to add a contrast in hue, colour replace was used to add the purple tones.

The shapes from this design are extremely exciting but we felt that the murky colours didn't reflect this. By altering the contrast and saturation the shapes are now even more visible and the colours make it very engaging.

Here are some further examples of the edited prints:

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