Monday, 10 February 2014

R.T Millinery - Initial Web Design.

I started the web design process by initially drawing out some scamp designs experimenting with different layouts and compositions. I feel that even though the drawings are basic they do give some suggestion of how they would look on screen. I found that the more simple designs appealed to me most as it allowed the focus to be on the content.

To get a better understanding of how everything would fit together I did some design mockups of a selection of my favourite scamps. I feel that this was really successful and everything became a lot clearer. Having the images and type in the space gave a good insight into scale and how the aspects would interact within the space.

Here is the final design that I put together, I feel it is the strongest as it allows a large space for the images that it also balanced out by the other aspects being placed in each corner. I like how there is a large area for text as it allows information to be displayed clearly and things to be written in as much detail as they need to be. To progress from the initial mock up I have also shown how the other pages would be put together, I like the consistency throughout as I think this will benefit the brand and ease for the target audience.

A black mock up was also created to add another option for Rosie to choose from, it would also compliment the black business cards.

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