Monday, 24 February 2014

Champneys - Self Initiated Crit One.

Today a small group of us decided to organise and take part in a small group crit as we all had briefs we felt we needed feedback on to help us develop. I went with Emily with our Champney's work so far, other participants were Tom, Eve, Imogen, Steph P and Natalie. We decided that it would be beneficial for us to continue this at the same time each week as it would be good to see how everyone was moving forward.


  • Use the blog aspect of the digital platform to promote what the spa can do. For example. An article on the blog showing how good avocado is for the skin, then suggest how the spa does as excellent avocado facial. 
  • Make the audience feel as though they have to have it. Make them feel as though it is something special, high end and luxurious. 
  • Most likely to appeal to a younger audience if it is given as a gift. A younger audience may not buy themselves a spa day or treatment but would appreciate it as a gift. 
  • The name and gift bag is a strong idea.  
  • Maybe create a separate day or certain times within the day that the ages 16-25 can go for a cheaper price. Therefore they will not be intimidated by the other customers and the older audience will not find them annoying. 

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