Sunday, 23 February 2014

Champneys - Lid Design & Laser Cut.

After ordering some jars in the post that we planned to use for our sample pack packaging we decided that it would be interesting to do some experimentation into how we could possibly brand them. The first idea we had was to laser cut the tops of the lids as we felt it would give a professional finish. We started this process by designing some basic ideas that we could use, we experimented with a selection of variations and planned to work with a few different settings on the machine to see what was most successful.

To practice the laser cut we used scrap pieces of acrylic as we felt they would give a realistic representation of the end result. Whilst experimenting we found that it was difficult to get a setting that was powerful enough to make the design clear without being to strong that it burnt the material. We also realised that when it came to doing the lids themselves it would be extremely hard to line up the laser and get a centred design. Although we really like the idea of this technique I think we will look into alternative options to get a similar result.

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