Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cath Kidston - Texture Experiments.

To help to bring my illustrations to life and have more of a Cathe Kidston style I have experimented with ways of adding texture to the design. I began by using coloured pencils and crayons but I found that these didn't give the desired surface appearance. 

I then moved onto paint that I felt was a lot more successful. I started constructing the pieces of the drawing back together and altered the colours to something more appropriate. Even though I like this aesthetic it was a very time consuming process and I don't feel the overall outcome is noticeable enough to spend all that time doing it.

As a last attempt I tried to create the paint technique digitally on Illustrator. I experimented with a selection of brush options and opacities. However I believe that none of the styles or opacities are effective and they all look messy and not very professional.

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