Thursday, 6 February 2014

Yearbook - Previous Textiles Yearbook Research.


This publication is very unusual, I don't understand why it has a blank cover as to me it is something that it meant to promote the course yet at a first glance it has no identity. The content is also done in a way that doesn't appeal to me, there seems to be a lot going on and a lot of effects. I feel the page backgrounds should have been plain rather than having a decorative look. However I think the bind technique is interesting.


I like the cover design of this publication as I feel it is more interesting to interact with, and how the type wraps around as well is very unusual. The work has been displayed more clearly than the previous example but I still feel the layout isn't a perfected as it could be.


I feel that this is the most successful example of the yearbooks and there are a lot of elements that are really visually exciting. I love the large scale images of the studio as I feel it really sets the scene of the course. The layout is also very consistent which makes it easy to view.


This is an example from last years book although it wasn't printed and was created to be a pdf to be sent out. Although there was benefits to this as it would be quick and easy to reach a large audience it would also have been nice to have a physical copy. I don't understand the theme and I don't think has been implemented very consistently. The work is also quite squashed into the composition and I feel it would have been better having a page each.

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