Friday, 28 February 2014

Elmwood - Evaluation.

Concept generation was a big part of this brief and I feel I really improved on it during this process as the aim was to think of something new and original that would stand out on the market. Once the concept was decided it then had to be developed into a firm aesthetic and applied to a range of products with a consistent appearance. I feel like this is something I have always done but not necessarily to the level I pushed it during this brief.

The research aspect of this project developed quite a lot through the process as the concept became clearer and more defined. For example at the beginning I looked into more broad themes such as general taxi branding in the Leeds area, I found that it was all very similar with the companies often using sans serif type faces and a red and blue colour palette. I thought this was very generic and I wanted something that would stand out from this competition. As my idea developed to the funfair theme I looked more specifically into those kind of aesthetics that I feel really enhanced the design and added authenticity.

A strength of this brief was the clarity of my concept as I was chosen to go to the Elmwood studio to pitch it to them. I was very proud of this achievement as it was something I hadn’t expected. I found during this pritch my presentation skills were strong and I could talk about my ideas confidently. I feel this was due to the level of practice we have had during the time on the course.

I think a weakness of this project was the overall quality of this design. Even though the concept was strong I feel the visuals could have been improved to meet the same standard. The end results were also something that didn’t fit with my current aesthetic style so would look out of place in a portfolio.

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