Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cosmetics Brand - Surface Inspiration.

I am very much in love with these prints and I find them very inspiring. I really like the bright colours and how they contrast with each other as I think it gives a very engaging appearance. The patterns also have multiple layers which adds a great sense of depth and interest. The aesthetic of mixing hand drawn pattern elements and geometric shape design is really appealing to me, as is the introduction of fouling and spot varnish that gives a luxury finish.

The designs for these notebooks are very simple but I like how they have been enhanced with the application of foiling. The shapes also look very strong on the block colours and it allows the gold to really shine. I think the varying scale across the patterns is interesting as each different size gives a very different effect.

The patterns used within these wedding invitations really appeal to me, I like how the shapes combine to create very interesting compositions. The colour palettes really attract my attention as there are a lot of tones that I wouldn't have considered using together before. There is also a subtle hand rendered look that I believe adds character to the pieces.

These designs have a much more delicate appearance as there is a lot of fine line and also the style of layering gives this effect. This is because of how within the shapes themselves there is a lot of gaps that allow other elements to show through. A lot of the aspects appear to be printed by hand, this is a technique I could experiment with myself.

Camilla Meijer

I find the look of these patterns to be very intense, I think this is because of how the composition is very full with quite large elements. I think this effect is also created through use of colour, by combining dull tones with very contrasting brights. I like how line has been incorporated within the illustrations to create detail and form.

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