Sunday, 2 February 2014

R.T Millinery - Further Business Card Development.

After some recent discussions with Rosie, she decided that she would prefer the business cards to involve less colour so that it would match better with further collections. I have taken this on board and started producing some new designs.

When creating these altered looks I knew I wanted to include the logo, plus the horizontal line as I felt this linked well with the look book and could easily be applied to the web aspect as well to create a cohesive appearance. I started with a black background although I found that this looked to intense so I inverted the colours and I found that even though it was high contrast it appealed to me a lot more.

To create something a bit more engaging I experimented with reflecting the main logo to create a more of a statement design, I liked how the shapes of the letters fitted together. I scaled down this down so the composition had more white space which I feel improves the design. I also lowered the opacity of the separating line as it provides some contrast and makes the logo more of a focal point. Another experimentation was to rotate the piece, I think this looks interesting but is maybe to gimmicky for the sophisticated look I'm going for.

For my final design I decided to simplify it from the previous developments and get rid of the reflect aspect. I also introduced the full name of Rosanna Millinery as this is something Rosie wanted as it helps to clarify the brand. A black colour scheme was also produced as an alternative.

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