Friday, 21 February 2014

Champneys - Concept Development.

To develop our ideas further we started to look at current brands on the market that could be seen as our competition. Companies that appeal to a younger audience like Soap & Glory and Barry M gave good inspiration when looking at possible language to use to make Champney's more approachable, although we felt that the aesthetic of these were slightly too girly and would detract from the current feel of the spa. Brands like the Body Shop and Sanctuary were much more along the lines of the look we thought would be appropriate for our own designs because of the contemporary feel that was clean and modern.

We then looked at products we thought would attract the new audience to the spa and influence them to join. We felt that a starter pack, full of mini samples would be good as it would provide an insight to what they could expect from a full experience. We made a list of items that could be included in the pack that we suspected people would be interested in. Packaging ideas were also briefly looked into for the bottle and also for the bag etc.

After deciding on a selection of products we started to consider scents and benefits that would also interest the consumer. We researched to find ingredients that were known to be good for certain things to give the products more depth. We then finalised this and started to think of possible names for each item, we wanted them to be play on words to ensure that they were catchy and memorable.

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