Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cath Kidston - Initial Drawings.

To begin this pattern design process I have started by hand drawing some initial illustrations for my medieval theme as I think this is what I will continue with as it is more unique and unusual. It has been a while since I have drawn anything by hand so initially I was slightly apprehensive to whether it would look as I had envisioned. Although I found that as I progressed it became easier and the style became more natural. I really like how the characters seem to have strong personalities as I feel it brings them to live and makes them relatable. When drawing I tried to draw each individual in a small variety of poses and positions so that I had a lot to work with.

After completing my drawings I scanned them in to be traced in Illustrator so that I could have a digital copy that would be easier to work with. This was helpful as it made the lines a lot cleaner as I could tidy up anything I wasn't happy with which led to a much more professional finish.

I then experimented with applying colour which I found difficult as I couldn't find tones that I was really happy with when they were applied together. Another problem I faced was that the colour and overall image looked flat and didn't have the textural look that is associated with Cath Kidston. This is something that I will have to really work on as the designs develop to create a successful composition.

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