Friday, 21 February 2014

Champneys - Brand Research.

Here are some examples of current Champney's products that I have borrowed from a friend to show  how they have been packaged. I feel from looking at these items that I can see why they aren't as popular with a younger target audience, as the whole aesthetic seems very dated and a style that older individuals would find a lot more to their taste. The gold gives an elegant personality, but not something that would stand out on a shelf. I also found that the use of colour for type hasn't been very well considered as the legibility is very unclear, it blends into the colour of the content.

 However after searching online I have found some examples that seem to be more appropriate for what they are now aiming for. I feel the main improvement is the introduction of brighter colours and elements of pattern as it makes the packaging come alive. The branding and layout of type is very consistent across everything so I feel that this is something that could be slightly replicated within our own ideas to continue this style of look.

The Champney's website has a really clean aesthetic that makes it easy to view and look at. The home page is interesting because of the collaged use of imagery and how some aspects rotate the content that is shown. I like how the type has been overlaid on these photographs as is gives a contemporary look.

Once hovering on the tabs it is clear to see that there is a huge amount of content, which I feel could be quite daunting to someone who is unfamiliar with the spa experience. When creating our sub-website I feel we should keep the content to the minimum so that it is easy to view and understand. The main bulk of information could be left on the current website to refer to if needed.

The current site also gives information on packages and gift cards that I think will also be important for our web aspect. 

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