Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Web Workshop.

  • slice tool
  • apply guides and slice sections
  • save for web
  • select specific aspects

  • minimal colour images save as gif

  • collapse tags to make things easier to view (collapse full tag)
  • expand to reveal the code (expand full tag)

  • commenting is applying a note that the computer won't read
  • you can also use it to remove something from the code to see if it is causing a problem
  • remove comment to add back into the code

  • end tag selected, then edit > select parent tag, to see what it relates too

  • spell check, commands > check spelling

  • snippets, select section of code > new snippet > name > description
  • open new html page, insert snippet by double clicking
  • can also work with css and javascript
  • snippet can be edited after creation

  • HTML and CSS Web Standard Solutions - A Web Standardista's Approach, Christopher Murray & Nicklas Persson
  • Stylin' with CSS, Charles Wyke-Smith

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