Monday, 3 February 2014

Yearbook - Pitch Presentation.

We recently took part in a pitch for the yearbook design teams. Initially we were focussing on something that would work with Graphic Design but as we developed it became clear that our ideas were more suitable to Printed Textiles and this is something we mentioned during the presentation.

Interactive Examples

From the beginning we were adamant that we wanted our yearbook to be something interactive that people could really get involved with. So initially we researched into current publications that had elements of this. Something that really stood out to us was page inserts that were slightly smaller than the main content and were coloured stock, we thought this would be a really interesting way to highlight important pieces of information.

Pattern and Print Inspiration

We also gained inspiration from some print and pattern examples as it is something we are personally interested in and thought that it would bring an interesting aspect to the design. We focussed on bold and brightly coloured prints and thought it would be good to link the coloured inserts with the colours of the pattern.

Type and Colour

The next aspect to be explored was type where we felt that for the main titles a serif typeface would be really successful. We searched for a few options but found that we really liked Galaxie Copernicus Extrabold as it had a decorative feel whist still being legible. For colour we chose this palette as we liked the contrast between the light pastel tones and the more rich colours, that we felt they really complimented each other. They also linked with stock samples from G.F Smith.

Stock and Processes

Initially we were told that the stock from this publication would be from G.F Smith so we got the sample books and looked through what we felt would be suitable. For the cover we wanted something that had a subtle texture that was thick enough to be embossed as this was a process we were very interested in using. For the content we chose a bright white stock that was smooth and would work well with the photographic imagery. Finally we chose some coloured stocks that linked with our colour palette and could be used for our interactive inserts.

Cover and Pattern Brief

For our cover, to continue with the interactive theme we would love to create this wrap around cover. It would add detail to the front whilst also being removable so that it would be able to be pinned onto a wall. This would allow the book to be put away but something from it would still be on show. To get a print for this cover we have the proposal to run a small brief for the Printed Textiles students that would be a competition for their work to appear on the cover. However we haven't run this past anyone yet so we don't know how realistic it is.


Finally we did some quick mock ups on how the content could be laid out within the composition. We plan on having 2 students per double page spread where they can have between 1 - 4 images displaying their work. Their name will be written with the serif typeface and a short written piece of about 200 words will be sans serif. We have also shown how the paper inserts will be displayed within the page.

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