Sunday, 15 December 2013

Elmwood - Final Designs.

Here are some examples of my final designs of main and supporting material. Starting with the initial business cards that sparked the design aesthetic for the rest of the products.

As a way of attracting continued custom this loyalty ticket was created as it entices the customer to return to the brand as a way of saving money in the future. As a way of continuing the theme it has also been designed in the style of a vintage ticket, with language the audience would associate with this. For examples 'admits one' and 'earn a free ride'. The visual style has been continued to create consistency for the brand identity.

As a supporting item I have designed these in car air fresheners with scents that the audience would associate with the fairground. Therefore increasing the sense of an overall experience in the taxi journey. The smells could also be linked with positive memories the customer may have, therefore taking them back to that time.

Finally a very memorable vehicle design has been created. The bright red would be iconic for the brand and would stand out a great deal on the streets making it easy to spot and flag down. The branding has been applied in the same place that I found is common in order to create some familiarity and consistency.

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