Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cath Kidston - Current Design Research.

Within the Cath Kidston brief it was stated that the new pattern to be designed had to be a 'conversational print' with a similar feel to some of their current designs like cowboy, garden birds, and standing guards. For the beginnings of my research I have decided to look into these and a few others more closely.


I feel that this print is really fun as I like the sense of action with the composition and the bright colours used. This design is so unique which is why I think it would be very memorable and interesting to look at. When creating my own design I think it would be good to do something as exciting and different as this. These examples also show how the pattern can be applied to a variety of products, either as a repeat or a stand alone image.

Garden Birds

I feel this bird design is more similar to Cath Kidston's usual style, with it's links with nature and the countryside. I like the texture that has been created with how the paint has been applied as it adds another lever to the print. These examples show how a variety of colour ways can be applied to the same design, this is helpful to see as it something I will have to do myself.

London Scene

I think that this London Scene is one of my favourite prints in the collection as I really like how all the landmarks have been portrayed in this style of illustration and link within the composition. Again different colour ways have been produced and also with these images it is demonstrated what a large range of products the pattern will need to be applied to. This tells me that it needs to be able to work within a large ante of layouts.


This is another playful approach to pattern, with a very interesting subject matter that wouldn't normally be considered for this kind of design. The colours within this piece are made up of pastels which is different from the rest of the prints. The scenes that have been illustrated are all very engaging and would work just as successfully as a stand alone print.

Vintage Cars

I really like the movement illustrated within this design and how it leads your eyes across the composition. The colours chose are more dull, but I think that this is a suitable choice for the subject matter. This has led me to think that I will have to think carefully about the tones I use to assure that they are appropriate and do the print justice. The colours chosen could also determine what type of audience would be interested in it.

Standing Guards

This is the most graphic of the selection, it appeals to me as it most similar to my style of illustration. I like how even though the cards appear to be very alike there are slight changes that make them unique and give them a personality. This print has been applied to children's clothing this interests me as I think it would be another route I could go down with my designs.

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