Monday, 2 December 2013

M&S Picnic - Creating Box.

The final products to be created for this brief was the picnic bag and box. We decided that we wanted the lid of the box to be a lot simpler than the scenes on the lids of the food packaging as we wanted the 'wow factor' to come from when you opened the lid. With this in mind we started creating a layout  with the title as the main aspect to promote the pack in the clearest way. As a simple decorative aspect trees were added to frame the text. We felt something else needed to be added to the centre of the composition.

We then looked at adding the Marks and Spencer's branding so that it was easy to see. Colours were experimented with for the logo and also the border. We felt that the light turquoise was most successful as it complimented the red type.

We then scrapped our initial idea and continued with the plan to make a belly band to go round a plain turquoise box. We felt that this worked a lot better as it minimised the size of the composition we had to fill and there was less awkward and unnecessary white space. The same style of type was continued but we switched the illustrations to the characters as they are a main aspect of the contents and are also more successful in getting the Scottish theme across. A dotted border was added last just to frame the belly band.

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