Sunday, 1 December 2013

M&S Picnic - Template Development.

Once our layout was finalised we could then separate all of the different aspects and create individual templates. This was interesting as it allowed us to see how each box would look on its own. It also allowed us to see the additional parts of the packaging that needed to be filled.

Next was the job of filling the additional space. I chose to use the bright turquoise as I felt it would really enhance the illustrations on the lid and add a lighthearted feel. To add detail we decided that it would be a good idea to incorporate the floral aspects as they would work well as a frame. I started by using small ones and placing them on the edge of the frame. Dotted lines were also added as further decoration but I felt that these were a bit excessive, so instead the flowers were used around the cutout as a finishing touch. As a further development I experimented with larger flowers and using them to highlight the corners, although we felt that this didn't look as successful.

Once we had decided our finalised border I then applied it to the rest of the net so that it is a continuing line around the edge. I thing this will work very successfully when we actually come to putting the boxes together.

A necessary piece of information that needed to be included was the ingredients of each food item. I wanted to continue the use of the same type from the lids and also carry on the same hierarchy. Different colour combinations were experimented with and also variations of how to separate the information. After a while it was decided that the information was best show with a white box as it was a lot clearer to read.

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