Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Elmwood - Funfair Type Research.

From the interim crit it was suggested that I should push the funfair theme further so I have decided to research into funfair typography and the general aesthetic to see how I could incorporate into my own designs.

One style that was common was the decorative and exaggerated serif that takes the letter shape to a new level. The characters themselves are usually very bold to accommodate the additional decoration. As well as the outline a lot of these examples also have patterns incorporated into the inside as well. I find this very interesting aesthetically, however I feel when printed on a small scale like a business card it could become quite illegible.

Three dimensional effects have also proved to be quite common with the letter being given the hint of a structure as well as strong drop shadows. I feel that this technique would be easier to use as the shapes have been simplified yet the detail can still be added with a gold shadow effect.

Pastel and bright colours have been a a reoccurring theme and I like the strong contrast they have. I think this style is extremely effective within the environment it is meant for, although I believe that if it was applied to the taxi sector it could be a bit over the top and unnecessary.

Finally I love the aesthetic of fairground lights, especially when incorporated into typography. I think this would work within what I'm doing as the bold characters will be legible and the light effect could easily be incorporated, as demonstrated in the editorial piece with a typeface I have already experimented with. From these images I have also sensed a strong colour palette of reds and whites, I find this extremely effective as it hints to the fairground look whilst still being tasteful.

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