Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Elmwood - Primary Research.

I have decided to look into what people want from a taxi service and what would attract them to a certain company. The audience I am targeting is students as I feel they are a common user within this sector in the centre of Leeds. A survey was handed out around the studio and also the rest of the college and I gathered 50 responses. I gathered a list of qualities that I believed people would think would be necessary from a taxi service and asked them which was the most important to them. Here are the results:

  • Friendly service: 10%
  • Low fares: 32%
  • Arrives on time: 21%
  • Clean car: 3%
  • Get to destination quickly: 27%
  • Easy to arrange: 7% 

After gathering the results it became clear that the biggest factor for students when booking a taxi is price.

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