Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Galina London - Creating Gift Boxes.

I started by drawing two nets that related to two popular bag sizes on Galina's website.

To start the construction of my gift boxes I went to the laser cutter, this allowed the net to be cut out very precisely which was very helpful and definitely sped up the process. I also used the laser to cut out the logo shape although this was a slight problem on the wide card as it got very dirty on one side and there is burn marks the other.

Once the boxes were stuck together the fit really well and I was really happy with the shape and size. In terms of scale I like how the logo shape is quite large on the white box and takes up a lot of the shape. I feel that the black box looks great with my all black label.

Finally I experimented with putting a background behind the laser cut shape. The first is black velvet although this isn't that visible so it probably isn't worth while doing it and on the other I used white I would do this if I decided to go with my black and white label colour option.

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