Thursday, 21 November 2013

M&S Picnic - Creating Characters.

To start off our character design Beth began on paper on paper doing rough sketches of the people we wanted. This was very time consuming as it was difficult to get them to look how we wanted especially regarding scale and body positioning.

After we were satisfied with the basic shapers we took the drawings into illustrator and traced over them using the pen tool. This gave a much cleaner finish and was easy to tidy up anything that wasn't quite right.

Next was the application of colour, initially we used black as an outline but after deciding this didn't look quite right we referred back to our research and remembering 'Brave the Woods' work we altered it too white to reflect that and we feel it makes it look a lot better.

As a further development we removed the green from the colour palette as it looked garish against the other tones. I also think this gives it a more authentic look and really enhances the theme. After working with this it was then applied to all the other characters, plus the additional highland cow.

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