Wednesday, 20 November 2013

M&S Picnic - Idea Development.

We have now started thinking more in depth about certain aspects of our picnic, for example the contents. We made a list of things that we thought would appropriate to include and fit with the Highland theme. Next we selected the options we thought would be most appropriate.

Next was the discussion about our design direction and structure of our picnic box. After some thought we decided to focus on creating Scottish characters that could be placed within a scene as we felt this was a contemporary approach with a fun feel. After deciding this it was suggested that a good idea would be to make all the boxes so that they fit snuggly within a box and then on the lids design a scene that when you open the main picnic box you are faced with.

Some more development of this idea was too start looking at the scale of our boxes and how they would be laid out within the composition. We drew up this plan so that we could start planning the illustration below.

Next we made some mock ups to get a better idea of scale. Initially we thought about creating a roll top bag, but once it was placed in the layout it didn't work as well as we thought as to create a continuing design it didn't fit cleanly enough. This is why we decided to go with boxes.

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