Monday, 18 November 2013

M&S Picnic - Packaging Research.

To gather further information we decided to research packaging design that wasn't necessarily related to picnics or M&S. We felt this would help to give us a larger range of ideas as the products we would be looking wouldn't be as focussed. We selected items where the design appealed to us or we felt used an interesting concept.

This packing appealed to us initially as we really loved the idea of using a wrapping paper to cover our products. We thought the bold print was vibrant and worked well with the more neutral belly band, which in our case would be great for stating the name of the product inside. Although after some consideration we decided that we both didn't like the thought of food being wrapped up and not being able to see it before you eat. It is very reassuring and enticing for an audience to be able to see their lunch when the purchase it.

This example really demonstrates how packaging can be used to show the food inside but in a creative way. Seeing as we have decided that our own packaging needs windows we can look into thinking of a more interesting way of them like this has. It adds an element of fun to the product that will really help the audience to engage with it.

I love this design as it is something that really attracts me aesthetically. I love how the products are all have slightly different styles but come together well as a set. The bright orangey/red spot colour is very vibrant and I think would help to attract the audience. I like how the box is also a more unique shape that would give it stand out shelf appeal.

We both really liked this design as we felt the illustration style was strong, although for our own products a definitely less feminine approach would need to be taken. I like the mix of filled colour and linear shapes as I think it adds an interesting effect to the composition. The type is also used in a way where the hierarchy is clear and easy to read.

We found these crisp bags a great inspiration as we loved the illustrative style. I think that creating characters like this and making a scene really helps to put across the theme of the products in a more creative and fun way. With the style of illustration I like the use of block colour and simple shapes to create a naive look the settings that are shown are also humorous that I think is great.

Next is another illustrative example that we loved the look of. I love how the style of drawings and colour is constant throughout. The characters also have a great sense of personality that matches the foods they are relating to. This definitely pushed the idea further for us that we wanted to use this kind of approach with our own designs.

In this packaging I like the use of simple illustrations to create a pattern and the use of block colours in similar tones really helps it to be successful. There is a slightly textured look that adds a vintage feel that helps to add character. The use of type also works well with this look and I like how the different fonts compliment each other.

We selected this image as we felt that the concept was really interesting and exciting. The design style and context doesn't fit with our idea but we still felt that coming up with a unique approach like this has is relevant and could really enhance our products.

The Scottish feel comes off very strongly with this packaging and although it is a very successful and relevant design I feel it represents a route and style that we aren't going to take for our own work. We plan to step away from traditional Scottish design and produce something more contemporary.

This was selected as I feel it is good inspiration for the structure of our packaging. As we decided earlier we felt that having windows within our package was very important and this shows how it can be incorporate whilst still working well with the more aesthetic design aspects.

I like how this biscuit tin has created a scene that clearly depicts a landscape associated with the products inside and I feel that this could be a good approach for us to take. A minimal colour palette has been used but the shapes are still clear and the composition still very interesting.

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