Tuesday, 19 November 2013

M&S Picnic - M&S Packaging Primary Research.

Recently I visited Marks and Spencers to gather some primary research on their packaging design. I really like the styles that they use as I find them to be really aesthetically pleasing. It is also visible that it is of a higher quality than most other high street supermarkets.

The first ties that I cam across were these tins of fish. I really like the the contrast between the pastel colours and the brighter shades. I also feel that the simple block typography compliments the style of illustration.

I then found a selection of jarred condiments. I really like the colour pallets across them all with the light and creamy backdrop against the rich red tones. I feel like in the first example the lid design detracts from the strong label design and they don't work together coherently as the colours aren't consistent and the two designs clash. Whereas with the other two jars the paper wrap style lid is very effective. I especially like the patterned design as it is subtle and compliments the rest of the packaging. Even the choice of elastic band colours has been carefully considered.

Next were these two items with clear wrap packaging. I like how the product is easily visible but I don't think the material used gives off a luxury look. The styles of the designs on both differ greatly as they both link with the product inside and what the audience would expect from it.

These packets of crisps really stand out on the shelf due to the bright and contrasting colours. I like how photography has been used to illustrate the items and how it has been incorporated with hand drawn elements.

I then looked at the sandwiches packaging as I know that this will definitely be an element within our picnic pack. The design style was quite similar across the flavours and ranges as the all used photographic imagery and a white base mixed with fresh bright tones. I like how clear aspects have been added so that the customer can view the products as I feel this is important in drawing them in. One of the boxes also has a unique shape, which is something we could consider.

This granola pot continues the use of photography which even though I feel it looks successful I don't think this style of design will work for our theme. I also feel that in this example the typography doesn't work with the rest of the design.

Both of these examples have matching packaging that is in a style that highlights its freshness. The completely clear materials allows the customer to view the whole product and see how crisp and ready to eat is, therefore enticing them to it. The information is also designed to look like a label and the typography gives the impression that it has been hand written, giving a personal touch.

These are two products that could easily be incorporated into our picnic pack. I really like they style of the pork pie as the aesthetics really enhance the product. However I am less keen on the scotch eggs as I feel the plain design doesn't make them as desirable. It also uses the handwritten label style that was demonstrated previously.

I really like the serif typeface used here as I think it really compliments the product as does the chosen colour palette. As mentioned before I like how this box has a clear window so the customer can see the quality of the product, although I would have preferred it to be a crisp line going all the way across, without the additional box.

I love how these small pots look, especially the example on the left as I like how the product is clearly visible and the contrast of the crisp white typography that is placed on top. I feel something like this is a great alternative for using photography as it lets the product speak for itself. With the product on the right I love the vibrancy of colour and also the interesting shape of the label.

There was quite a large selection of crisps packets, my favourite is the top right as I love the contrast of the off white with the bright spot colour, I feel it looks fresh and contemporary. The next example is interesting to me as it uses the clear aspect that I am a big fan of, which is unusual with this product. However I really like the end result. The final packets demonstrate how illustration can be used to package crisps.

Here are a small selection of examples of possible drinks packaging, we may not have this within our pack but I really love these labels and the style of the glass bottles. I especially like the simple block colours of the bottom image, the tones really compliment each other, as does the serif grey typography.

I love the aesthetics of these prints that have been incorporated into these containers, the detail is really engaging and the quality of the finish is also extremely high, even down to the attention to detail applied to the lids. The typography is also very complimentary as it is simple to support the busy design, yet still contemporary and stylish.

This tin shows the exact style that we would like to accomplish with our own products. I love the quirky illustrative style and how it has been incorporated with bright bold colours. There is also a strong sense of personality and fun. I am glad I found this as it shows that our picnic pack will be relevant for the m&s target audience.

This biscuit tin also follows this style and I think it is very successful and effective. I like how the design wraps around the whole package as it makes it very engaging for the audience and creates a sense of a narrative. Because of the high quality of the design this is a food package that the buyer would keep even after finishing what is inside. They may even purchase it for the packaging alone rather than the contents.

This is another product that I was really happy to see due to the Scottish theme as it shows its relevance within the store. I feel the design of this is very successful and the transitional style is very effective especially in coordination with the brown board and string. However for our designs I feel that we will take a more contemporary approach and have a modern twist on Scottish heritage.

I feel that this is a very successful set of products and demonstrates how products can work together to create consistency. All three items have a very unique look yet because of the linking colour scheme they all work well together. I also like how it has been placed within the wooden tray this is interesting and could be something we consider.

Finally I found this chocolate packaging and I love the variety of prints that have been used, made consistent by the continued use of the wrap around label.

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