Monday, 4 November 2013

R.T Millinery - Business Card Design.

I have now started work on designing some business cards for this brief. I wanted them to be consistent with the look book so that they could work together within a set. To carry on with the duotone image theme I selected three new photographs and applied the effect. I feel that all three could be used to create variation but for these experiments I'm just going to focus on one.

I then moved on to add the branding and identification for the audience. As I still haven't heard back from Rosie on what logo she prefers I am experimenting with both. I started with a very bold look with having the type very large and overlaying the image I like the impact this gives but when the opacity was lowered I think the gives a more appealing aesthetic. I like this large lettering as I think it would really capture the audiences attention and makes the brand more memorable.

Afterwards I wanted to see whether the branding would be as strong and noticeable on a smaller scale. I think this still looks successful and the placement of the logo works well with the composition of the image. I also repeated lowering the opacity and I feel it gives a much better look than the stark, bright white.

Finally I introduced the thin white base line that is a common design aspect in the look book, as I felt that in the publication it was very successful. When I first applied this it didn't work well with the composition of the image and the logo was hard to read. This is why I decided to flip in the image so that the letters would fall on a darker area. Although it did become more visible I though this look wasn't as successful as the previous examples. Maybe it works better on the look book because it is on a larger scale.

I then worked on the back of the card and displaying the contact information. I started simply by using the bold, block colour used in the look book and just having the text, looking at various compositions. I do like the simplicity of this but I think more can be added to develop it further.

To add more to the composition I have again added the branded logo and placed them where they fit best within the composition. To add to this further I introduced the white line, I feel that it works much better within this layout. Although I am unsure whether now the space is too cramped with all the content.

To minimise the items within the space I have removed the logo. As long as it is on the front I don't feel that it is as necessary on the back. I really like the look of this as it regains the simplicity of the first experiments but adds a finishing touch.

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