Monday, 25 November 2013

Galina London - Label Construction.

I have now began to start constructing my labels. I felt this was necessary because when I was doing everything digitally I was struggling to imagine how it would actually look. To emphasise the luxury angle of this brand I bought some velvet effect paper in three shades: burgundy, black and grey as I felt these colours represented the work I had done so far the best. I wanted to continue the concept of using the laser cutter so I applied this design to the velvet.

I then had a variety of different labels and I also bought some paper in corresponding colours and experimented by laying them on each. Some pairings were definitely more successful than others, for example I hadn't really thought about using white as a background but I feel it looks really crisp. In contrast with the grey and pink combination that feels really hard to look at.

I then moved on to incorporating the type aspect of the logo and experimented further with the selection of colour ways. After doing this I found that I really didn't like the options using the burgundy card as it looked to intense and heavy. Again I really like the white designs, I liked both the burgundy and the black but I feel that I will continue mostly with the black velvet.

Some further development has been done I have looked at printing on a black card, I feel I prefer this as it seems more sophisticated and also follows some previous designs that I did.

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