Saturday, 9 November 2013

R.T Millinery - Business Card Developments.

After an email with Rosie she suggested that she would rather not have an image on the business card just so that when she brings out new collections they're still relevant. To progress I have continued experimenting with some of the layouts but just used a block colour background, these are ok but I definitely feel that their can be some development to improve them a great deal.

I feel that these two designs would be more suited to the back of the business card where the contact information can be inserted to fill the composition, as how they are now I feel it is too bare and reminds me of a letterhead.

To create something more interesting I have looked at making a pattern using a repeat of the logo. I initially started with the more square design but I felt that this had too much white space and the shapes were slightly uncomfortable. I then pushed this idea further to the next option, that I prefer a lot more. I think that the diagonal lines work a lot better and also how the logos are smaller.

Next I considered using embossing as I felt that this process would give a professional and desirable end result. I think this works successfully but the layout and composition would need to be developed further.

Finally I looked at reversing the colours and I was impressed with how it looked. With the white as the background I think it now looks a lot more crisp and the logo stands out a lot more than it did before. I also think that having the logo smaller is more successful as the white space is effective.

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