Tuesday, 19 November 2013

M&S Picnic Illustration Research.

 Klas Fahlen

We both loved these illustrative pieces because of the simple block shapes and slightly geometric feel. The people illustrated have a lot of character that is brought too life by their expressions and quirky body positions. I love the two colour schemes used in the pieces below as they're simple but still create an interesting composition and highlight the shapes.

I selected this image to look at as I felt it would be good inspiration for if we need to create buildings in a similar style to the people. These designs really focus on highlighting the main shapes of the architecture and then highlighting them with a few more details. Using bright colours for them is also an interesting touch as it something very different from the everyday.

I love this food packaging as I think how the characters interact within the composition is very clever. I like how the packs have been designed so the product can be shown through and also how especially with the spaghetti how it has been used to bring another level to the design. The type used is very sophisticated and works well with the more naive style illustrations.

Miroslav Sasek

This is another artist who's work is in a similar style that we're hoping to use ourselves. These illustrations have a more traditional look because of the paint texture used that gives a vintage aesthetic. The colours used are quite muted and authentic that I think would work very well with our Scottish theme. These images whilst being made of simple shapes have a lot of detail within them that I think is something we won't focus on.


Brave the Woods

The bright colours is what really drew us to these illustrations and I think colours like this something we would be interested in using with our own work. We liked the use of a white stroke to add detail rather than black as I think it enhances the colours rather than dulling them down. As well as the people we also liked how this style could easily be applied to other aspects like building and foliage as these things will probably appear within our composition.

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