Friday, 8 November 2013

R.T Millinery - Business Card Research.

I have decided to look specifically at business cards not in the millinery sector in order to broaden my inspiration.

el estudio

el estudio

With this design I like the use of block colour and black as the contrast is strong and interesting. I also feel that the black border looks good and I like how it has changed the colour of the edge of the card. How type has been used going around the edge is also fun and makes the composition different and stand out.

Jonathan Shackleton

Jonathan Shackleton

The portrait style of this card is a slightly different take on the business card and is a lot less used than landscape. Having the logo bold on the front creates a lot of impact and I like how there is a variant on the other side. The spray paint effect on the sides of the cards is amazing and really helps them to be memorable.

Branch Soap

The use of pattern on these designs is something I really like, the box in the centre with the logo is a great way of making it stand out. The composition on the reverse side is very unusual and gives a quirk look. The pattern making its ways around the side ties it together and the circular stamp adds another level.

 Unique Position Pictures

She Was Only

The logo on this business card and I like how the stock colour is used for the line to help define the shape. Another interesting aspect is how all the information has been aligned to the left with the logo alongside it, I like how this creates an unusual area of white space.



This design has a very feminine feel but the use of pink works well. I like how both sides of the card are reversed colours has it helps each of them to stand out and be recognised. The white border around the type is an interesting technique to draw the audiences eye. Another way of creating a frame has been to use type round the edges.

Christina Yan

A lot of very lovely print processes has been used on this design that I think makes it look very desirable. The embossing works well and looks great on the textured stock. The foiling also adds a great effect and highlights the texture even further.

Michelle Miller Interiors

I love the logo here and I think it's great how it has been left by itself on the front of the card. The gold effect on the logo and on the sides gives a very expensive and high end appeal and the use of simple type on the reverse supports this.

Engler Studio

Novelty Apparel

Origine Art


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