Monday, 14 October 2013

Brabantia - Creating Final Sleeve.

I have started experimenting with my chosen design to get the correct scale for my sleeve to submit. I started by having the shapes very small so a lot fit in the composition, and I gradually made them larger as I felt the smaller options looked to busy and crowded and the bigger variation allowed more focus on the floral shapes, it is also a lot easier on the eye.

After deciding on the larger scale I then started adding some final adjustments to my design, to add detail and make the overall composition more interesting. I added the linear aspect to break up the very intense white background, I think it works well and adds another dimension to the design. After completing this look I then experimented for one last time with colour by using all the previous colours I had tried. I really like this look and I was finding difficult to decide which option to submit. To help with the choice I asked some fellow students and it was decided that the green version was more suitable for the kitchen sector. Although, I feel that when I develop more products at a later date the coloured version is something that I could develop a more broad range with.

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